Mallo Cup vs Valomilk

One of my favorite combinations is chocolate and marshmallow.  If you ever see Hershey Ice Cream’s Chocolate Marshmallow Whirl, you might want to do yourself a favor and get one because they’re fantastic.  I still don’t understand how Hershey Ice Cream and Hershey Candy exist without some sort of lawsuit but it must be agreed between them that they can both sell sugar and milk in different capacities.
Anyway, chocolate + marshmallow always = awesome to me so when I saw these two next to each other at the store, I had to bring them home and compare.

When I tried to get a cross section of this, it pretty much shattered, it doesn’t really mean anything but I just wanted to explain  the poor presentation.
The chocolate was okay, nothing great but the marshmallow has some sort of weird “non taste” to it.  Maybe it was a lack of vanilla flavor but it just tastes like gooey sugar not really marshmallow.

Mallow Cup:
A little more stable when cutting in half, we found the chocolate to be a little better but the marshmallow was still lacking something.  I know technically on the wrapper is reads “whipped creme center”, but it really had the consistency of marshmallow and I know some products say “marshmallow creme”, so between that and the fact they’re called “mallow cup” I’ll think marshmallow is what they’re going for.  Also, it doesn’t state it on the front of the wrapper but there are also small amounts of coconut flakes in the chocolate.  The flavor of the coconut does come through and take over somewhat but considering the marshmallow is so mild, I guess SOME flavor has to be dominant.

Wrap up:
I was surprised that I didn’t find myself loving either of these. I felt like I get more satisfaction in the one little section of Sky Bar than I did with a whole cup of either of these.  It definitely had to do with the marshmallow more than the chocolate.  Ethan’s evaluation was that was Valomilk was “gross” and Mallocup was “just okay”.

Mallo Cup or Valomilk?

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20 thoughts on “Mallo Cup vs Valomilk

  1. I’m a Valomilk girl all the way! They are the best. They are even made in my home state ?

  2. I grew up in Altoona, PA (home of Boyer Candy Company – the maker of Mallo Cups) and I love them! They have a factory store where you can buy imperfects for really cheap. You can also buy tubs of the filling ?

  3. I grew up close to Altoona and used to hate all the Boyer products but now I stock up when I take a trip to PA.
    I’ve had the Valomilk and thought it was just OK, but like you said neither are really marshmallow.

  4. Ooo. Never heard of either one. But judging strictly by appearances, I’d choose Valomilk. Why? Because wavy edges are cool.

  5. Add me to the list of people who grew up in Altoona, PA and have a fondness for the Mallo Cup. I live in Illinois now, and I always get a kick out of seeing them for sale somewhere here!

  6. I’m in love with Mallow Cup but local laws and the fact I eat them so quickly prevent us from marrying.

  7. Here in SoCal we have another regional favorite called Cup-O-Gold made by Adams-Brooks which is just a giant Mallo Cup. I prefer it over both Valomilk or Mallo Cup. (But given the choice you’ve provided here, I’ll go with Valomilk.)

  8. Can you please do (kellogg)Cocoa Krispies vs (post) Cocoa Pebbles vs (malt o meal)Cocoa Dyno-Bites

  9. I’ve tried Valomilk and didn’t like it. I haven’t tried Mallo Cups yet but I’m curious to see if I like it more than Valomilk.
    I’m sorry to say I tried your beloved Sky Bar and didn’t care for it. Maybe it was stale? Yeah, we’ll say it was stale so I don’t hurt your feelings. ?

  10. Bought two package of Valomilks. First package was fine. second package had one piece that was fine and the other was an empty chocoate cup. Looked just fine until I bit into it and it was totally empty. Contacted the company and they said it was impossible to have make a Valomilk with out the marshmallow center. They pretty much called me a liar. I will stick to Mallow Cup from now on. It is much better and much cheaper anyway.

  11. I respectfully disagree…Valomilk blows Mallo Cup out of the water. The chocolate is hand-tempered and incredibly smooth, and the marshmally center is made with real vanilla from Madagascar. The Mallo Cup is not bad in any way, and will do in a pinch, but there really is no comparison.

  12. MALLO CUPS ALL THE WAY!!!! The chocolate, and coconut mix is a religious experience. I tried a valomilk once…it tasted like a hot plate of garbarge.

  13. Hi I wanted to know where can I buy the imperfects in the mallo cups? I know most big name companies make seconds in candy but I am in love with the mallo cup..I guess I could call the company to see what the cost is, maybe someone on here will email me to let me know thanks Terri

  14. The most disappointing candy ever. I love marshmallow, and when I bit into a mallo cup it was like having my world shattered. I’ve never had a valomilk, but they dont sound much better except maybe not having the disgusting coconut, I wouldnt be so mad about that, but I hate coconut and its not advertised on the packaging. gross. That Sky bar looks good, but still doesn’t sound like marshmallow. I need to try a Cup-O-Gold I guess, but otherwise the only marshmallow candy I’ve had that was edible are Rocky Road bars. a literal marshmallow bar covered with chocolate and crushed peanuts. Its the best, I can’t believe no one’s mentioned it yet.

  15. Around two years ago I bought an oblong marshmallow creme candy bar which I believe was made by M&M Mars. I bought a second, and have never seen them since. I always loved Mallow Bars (Never heard of Vallowmilk til now), but they really skimp on the filling these days. Does anyone know of the oblong bar I purchased two years ago? It was the best!

  16. It wasn’t a Charleston Chew was it? It’s oblong and kinda tough chewy marshmallow with a thin chocolate coating. Tasty tho. As for my vote I choose Valomilk !! But it has to be fresh. A stale one can be very bad.

  17. I grew up in Lewistown, Pa. and the little county store near my house carried these and also Smoothies, their peanut butter cup. Haven’t had one in years but used to buy them all the time.

  18. … I think, it depends where one resides and hence, availability. I grew up in NJ where Mallow Cup was prevalent… my favorites were the Sky Bar and the Mallow Cups with the cardboard money.
    Then, later in life, we moved to Oklahoma, where Mallow Cups, Sky Bar and Chuckles are un available. Here the best is Valo Milk. I love that also… is just best to be open minded and accept the differences, life has to offer.

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